Top Spots To Enjoy In Tenerife


TRAVEL | By Louise Gookey

A guide to tenerefe: top spots for you to enjoy.

Here are 5 top things to do on your favourite Canary Island.

If you are looking for your next adventure but not sure where to head? Do not  fear - grab the sunscreen, grab your passport and jump on a plane to Tenerife!

Teide Natural Park

A trip to Tenerife would be nothing without a visit to Teide National Park why? Well, without Mount Teide there would be no Tenerife! The Island was formed 3 million years ago due to its volcanic activity and having seen it, its dramatic landscape is reason enough to visit.

That is… as long as your don’t mind heights and a trip through the clouds ( yep it’s that high).

Take a ride on the cable car, go on a hike or gaze at the stars ( it's one of the top places in the world to see them) - if you love nature this is the place for you.


Tenerife, being an island, has some amazing beaches. Head to the south for the most famous ones.

If you want to party - head to Playa de las Americas *WARNING - IT IS FULL OF TOURISTS* The beachfront is lined with arcades, bars, restaurants and clubs - everything you need to party hard!

If you are out with the family - Playa de la Arena is the one for you. With its stunning black sand, it is much calmer than Playa de las Americas and with a child friendly environment, it is not to be missed.

If you fancy relaxing - Los Cristianos is the perfect spot. Although there were still plenty of tourists, the beach was so vast it’s didn’t matter as much.

Perfect for topping up the tan or going for a long romantic walk while you watch the sun set.

Los Gigantes

If seeing dolphins in the wild is on your bucket list that set sail from Los Gigantes to do exactly that!

The sea is crystal clear and makes spotting the Dolphins easy as they dart in and out of the sea. Also the coast line at Los Gigantes ‘The Giants’ is absolutely spectacular, huge rock formations create stunning views. It’s easy to see where it gets it name from and the view is totally worth the boat ride alone. 

A trip you won't forget in a hurry!

Charco Del Viento

If you need a break from the intense tourism - head north where the Island has a local vibe, with plenty of roadside restaurants to stop for an authentic bite to eat. The coast is more secluded and full of natural pools. A top recommendation would be to stop at Charco del Viento, although the sea is rough and not a place you would want to swim, the rock formations create calm pools where you can quite safely take a dip. Breathe; relax, enjoy!



Los Gigantes is a quiet seaside town and perfect if you want to escape the hustle and bustle - that is until it’s Carnival time!

March in Tenerife, and across Spain, is time for Carnival - what can you expect? Well, fancy dress, dancing in the streets, a parade and the burning of a fish (don’t worry it's not real!)

What more could you want from a night?

Tenerife really has something for everyone, whether you want to party hard, explore nature or relax in the sun.

If you cannot decide how you want to spend your holiday, why not hire a car and do it all!