The Best Gifts For Avocado Lovers


QUIRKY | By Louise Gookey

These are the best gifts for all the avocado lovers out there.

Do you love avocados or know someone who has a rather unhealthy ‘healthy’ obsession? Well here are the best avocado gifts out there. Treat a loved one, or yourself, and get on trend with these avocado inspired delights.

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1.The Avocado Carrier

Do you always struggle to eat avocados on the go? Wish there was an easier way? Well this handy device allows you to transport this tasty treat without damaging it and it even comes with an awesome cutlery set - so you don’t have that to worry about that either… winning!

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3.Keep Calm keyring

Just a little reminder throughout the day - a perfect pick me up!

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2. Avocado Necklace

Solidify your friendship with this stylish piece. You can even personalise it, making it even more special.

4.The avocado Slicer

How do you easily remove the pip from an avocado and get the delicious fruit out of the skin? With an Avocado Slicer of course! This one even comes with a free avocado hugger… whatever that means!


5. The cookbook

Let’s not forget the reason why we buy avocados… because they taste delicious! So why not spice things up and try one of these mouth-watering recipes. With 50 to choose from you are spoilt for choice.

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6.T-shirt time

Is this not the most amazing thing ever? Yes, let’s avocuddle. Perfect for any ‘avo’ fan who also loves a hug.

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7. you complete me mug

Show your romantic side with this perfect gift. Whether you save it for valentines day or just buy it as a random surprise, your loved one will adore this gift.

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8. Tote bag

Stylish, practical and a warning to all those who cross you. However, you have to promise to only fill it with avocados!


9. grow your own avocado tree

This is the ultimate present! What better way to feed your avocado habit then by growing your own. Organic, tasty and a perfect addition to any living room.

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10. The ultimate bath towel

After unwinding in a hot bath, wrap this giant avocado towel around you to feel warm and cosy. All the time dreaming about your next avocado.