The quirkiest sports in London town.


Health & Beauty | By Ruby Grace Punt

London for the newly reformed sports nut.

As we enter 2019, everyone excitedly readies their New Year’s Resolution list. I plan to be healthier. I plan to be fitter. But at what cost?

Do you become the dreaded gym lad? Do you tirelessly monitor your carb in-take on some app? Wouldn’t you rather your exercise classes be less soul draining?

I Feel Pretty Spin

Luckily for you, we would too! Find below six mind-blowing sports that will help you reach all your health-related resolutions.

We even found the number of calories burned per hour for those of you worry warts!

1. Crazy Golf

🏌 100 – 200 calories

💰 £5 - £12.50

📍 Westfield, Ariel Way

📍 The Truman Brewery, Brick Lane.


Around London you can find some of the craziest of golf courses. From courses based on Jurassic Park to World War Two bunkers, the city really has it all. Two of my favourite spots are Puttshack Westfield and Junkyard golf. The hi-tech golf course at Puttshack makes it easy to monitor the score and even win prizes – I won a delicious pizza. Whilst the cocktails at Junkyard golf will send you to heaven, assuming the killer clown doesn’t get you first. You can find Puttshack Westfield at Ariel way with courses priced at £10.50 each. Meanwhile, Junkyard golf can be found at The Truman Brewery Brick Lane with courses priced from £5.25 - £12.50.

2. Rock climbing

🧗‍♂️ 500 - 900 calories

💰 £17.50 - £19.50

📍Chelsea, 19 Michael Road.


Saddled with a safety harness, there is nothing more fun than scaling a wall and watching the world become smaller beneath you. The worries of life melt away and all you can think about is how to get higher. The wonderful thing about rock climbing is that it not only works out your body, it works out your mind. You must use logic to determine the best route and whether it is within your capability. Across London you will find tons of climbing centres but without a doubt Clip ‘n’ Climb will always be my favourite due to its childish courses - for those who conquered the jungle gym in primary school, the climbing course will be oddly familiar. They run both general sessions and adult only, so whether you have kids or just behave like one, then this place might be perfect for you!

3. Axe Throwing

⚒ 300 – 400 calories

💰 £22 - £29

📍 Vauxhall, 73 Bondway Road.


Put your hands up if you love The Lord of the Rings! With these axe-throwing sessions run by Whistle Punks you can learn to swing an axe like Gimli, or maybe just relive some stress. Either way by the end of the class you will undoubtedly find yourself screaming in delight and feeling like a warrior. Located in Vauxhall at 73 Bondway Road, these sessions include 90 minutes play time AND commemorative photos – so you can brag all about it on Instagram afterwards.

indoor skiing.gif

4. Dry slope skiing

⛷ 400 – 600 calories

💰 £20

📍Chelsea, 4 Sotheron Place.


Whether you miss swooping throwing the alps or whether you are simply bored of running on a treadmill then dry slope skiing is perfect for you! At Chel-Ski you can perfect your skiing all in the safe indoors. Their Fit-Ski sessions run for one hour, with focus on your glutes, pelvis, ankles, and knees (who knew you could work out your knees!). With no prior experience required you can learn a new sport and maybe even pick up a new hobby all for £20.

drink shop do dance

5. Dance classes

💃 200 – 400 calorie

💰 £15

📍 Kings Cross, 9 Caledonian Road


Ever look around in a nightclub, see everyone dance in unison and wonder where on earth did they learn that routine? Well at Drink Shop Do you can learn the moves too! With sessions centred on a particular song, such as Havana or Single ladies, you’ll be rocking that dance floor in no time. The shop can be found at 9 Caledonian Road with two-hour classes every Monday priced at £15.

quidditch london

6. Quidditch

🧙‍♂️ 500 – 700 calories

💰 N/A

📍 Clapham Common


Saving the best for last: quidditch! What was once a fictional sport has taken Clapham Common by storm in recent years. The game has seven players aside and the aim is to get the most points by the time the golden snitch (tennis ball) is caught. Everyone is welcome, so whether you are a Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw, grab your broomstick and fly on over to the London Unspeakable’s for a taster session.