Meet the Rescue Dogs Of Instagram


ANIMALS | By Emma Becque

the rescue dogs of instagram.

With #AdoptDontShop becoming one of the most trending hashtags on Instagram. We found some of the most beautiful stories of dog adoptions online. Meet The Rescue Dogs of Instagram.

Meet Charlie…


📸 @puppynamedcharlie

✔️ 98.8k

🐶 Poodle Type

🎂 6


Charlie’s Story

Charlie was originally rescued from a puppy mill and placed into a "foster home", which really turned out to be a hoarder who had dozens of dogs. Charlie’s mum drove from NYC to Indiana to get her. Charlie was malnourished, dirty, and not vaccinated. She is now living her best life in NYC and has the best mummy in the world!

Meet George Harrison…


📸 @georgehtherescueschnauzer

✔️ 4,448

🐶 schnauzer

🎂 6


George’s Story

George was a puppy mill breeding dog who was released after 6 tough years. He was taken in by StoryTeller’s Express who put George into a foster home. When his mummy saw him on a Facebook page, she immediately had to have him. She has given him all of her love and he is now happy as Larry!

Meet Gouda…

📍Ottowa, Ontario

📸 @goudawiththegoodknees

✔️ 182

🐶German Spitz type

🎂 7


Gouda’s Story

Gouda spent 7 years in a cage in a puppy mill until Animatch Adoption rescued him with 20 other dogs. He had never seen the outdoors, was covered in his own wee and couldn’t walk. Once adopted he was pampered and has double knee surgery. Now he is recovering well from his surgery and coming into his own with the love of his mum!

Meet Albert on wheels…

📍Fairfield, CT

📸 @albertonwheels

✔️ 113K

🐶Shihtzu -Poodle Mix

🎂 9


Albert’s story

Albert was found in a ditch on the side of the road in Arkansas, he was paralysed from his hips down after likely being hit by a car. Jill Lawson, Alberts mum, wasn’t looking for a dog when she came across Albert’s rescue profile at The Little Pink Shelter. She was helping a friend who wanted to rescue, and yet this little pup’s face stuck with her long after they scrolled past his photo. “Something made me fill out the application that night” she recalls. Albert is now in a beautiful home and is as adventurous as they come. He has a puppy-like enthusiasm and loves new challenges.

Meet bruno mars …

📍Fairfield, CT

📸 @brunomarsthechi

✔️ 28.4K

🐶 Chihuahua

🎂 10


Bruno’s Story

Bruno was dumped at a local kill shelter when he was 9 because he was “too old” and his owners wanted a younger dog. He was adopted as soon as his mum saw him on FB! His teeth were in terrible shape; he had baby teeth that had never fallen out so his mouth was too crowded. He lost 24 teeth the first cleaning and now his little tongue sticks out. Bruno was rescued from the Coachella Shelter & now has an amazing life filled with love.

Meet Pugsley…

📍Pretoria, RSA

📸 @pugsleytheafricanpug

✔️ 1,270

🐶 Pug



Pugsley’s Story

Pugsley was adopted from Pug Rescue South Africa in 2015. His previous owners had moved abroad and didn't want to take him. It was love at first sight and he's now living like a king in South Africa's capital Pretoria. His adoptive mom absolutely adores him and often takes him with her when travelling. Next year he’s moving to Cape Town where Pugsley will get to run on the beach and even climb Table Mountain. Pugsley is turning 10 next year but in his heart he's still a little puppy who just wants love, cuddles and - of course - loads of treats!

Meet Max…

📍Atlanta, GA

📸 @rescuedogsandfriends

✔️ 794

🐶 Maltese/Yorki

🎂 9


Max’s Story

Before getting adopted by his foster mom Max lived in a garage for 3 years. His original owner had to re-home him, and the family that took him in actually kept him in a garage. Max was not the most trusting of little guys at first, but, he is a different dog now and is loving, sweet & hilarious. Max's favourite things are wearing bow ties, cuddling, peeing in the house & being adorable.

Meet OSLO…

📍Vancouver, Canada

📸 @cashandoslo

✔️ 684

🐶 Husky / St Bernard Mix

🎂 5 months


Oslo’s story

Oslo was adopted at 9 weeks old through the CAARE Rescue Society. His mum was found on the streets, pregnant at just 1 years-old. She was rescued and then gave birth to 11 puppies! Oslo’s mum did a DNA test for him to find out his origins. He is 80% Husky and 20% St Bernard. He is a fun, energetic puppy giving his new family a lot of love!

Meet Wally

📍London, Ontario, Canada

📸 @wallysrescuedlife

✔️ 8,986

🐶 Maltipoo

🎂 10


Wally’s story

2 years ago Wally was a stray alone on the street. He was sick, extremely underweight, & could barely walk. He was placed in a foster home so that he could get the vet care he needed. Wally needed all of his teeth removed because he had a severe dental infection. After 2 months in foster care he had gained weight & was well enough to go for his dental surgery (which was successful in removing the infection and saving as much as possible of his jaw which was badly damaged by the infection). He stayed with me to recover, and when it was time for him to go up for adoption I couldn’t let him go so I adopted him!

Meet riley…

📍San Diego, CA

📸 @riley.the.terrier

✔️ 1,462

🐶 Terrier Mix

🎂 5


Riley’s Story

Riley was just 4 months old and had been pulled from the shelter as a Parvo puppy when he was adopted. Riley was somehow rescued by an angel from LoveBugsRescue and saved his life within an hour of euthanasia! His now mummy, Melissa coincidentally showed up to the LoveBugRescue the day Riley attended. Once Melissa held him she was in love, but, another family wanted him. As fate would have it the family passed on him, and Melissa was able to adopt baby Riley. He has brought us joy & laughter every day, & we never forget how grateful we are for him. He’s the funniest, sweetest, angel of a dog! We truly rescued each other!


📍Oregon, USA

📸 @augiethevegandoggy

✔️ 1,101

🐶 Lab/Pit Mix

🎂 6


augie’s story

Augie was adopted from The Humane Society when he was just four months old. He was found with his siblings and they had been abandoned with no mother. Although Augie had a rough start in life, he is now the centre of attention in his loving family. His mum spoils him rotten and he is a family dog through and through.

Meet parker, oliver & rachel…

📍Chicago, USA


✔️ 6,917

🐶 Poms

🎂 Multiple ages!



Parker, Rachel & Oliver make up the Blind Dog Jacks Family. All three of these beautiful doggies have been rescued separately into a very special family. Parker was rescued from a puppy mill as a puppy. Oliver was an owner relinquishment rescue at just 11 months old. Rachel was a stray and unfortunately spent months in a shelter because she was black, before being found by a brilliant Pom rescue. Their family is such a great example of the ways in which rescues can touch the hearts of their owners. Their mum and dad are advocates for rescues with special needs and this is shown throughout their Instagram.

meet kiky…

📍Austin, TX

📸 @kikythehuskey

✔️ 3,442

🐶 Husky

🎂 5


Kiky’s Story

Kiky’s mum was walking a dog at Austin Animal Centre when she saw two men with “the cutest puppy she had ever seen”. This was Kiky. Kiky stole her mums heart immediately. Kiky was only three weeks old, her previous owner had dumped her on the street. She now has a beautiful life with lots of treats as you can see below.

Meet honey tam…



✔️ 11K

🐶 Shihtzu

🎂 6


Honey’s Story

Honey was adopted in 2012 from Social Tees Animal Rescue . She was found as a stray in Brooklyn and brought to the pound. Her mum had always wanted to adopt a small adult dog.  Honey was just meant to be in their family. Honey had some quirks and needed some basic training but her personality fit their family. She loved to nap but is also down to play. People are always shocked that Honeys adopted because she’s a purebred Shihtzu. After adopting her and starting her Instagram, her mum noticed the large Instagram community of Shihtzus! Also, many of which are also adopted! 

Meet turbo…

📍Huntington Beach, CA


✔️ 1,533

🐶 Basset Hound

🎂 4


Turb’s Story

Turbo was rescued at The Basset Hound Rescue in Southern California. His family don’t know the full extent to what Turbo went through, however, when he was rescued he was in pretty bad shape. He was only 2.5 years old & had liver problems & cataracts in both eyes, making him almost completely blind in one eye. All Turbo needed was some TLC from his family & now all he loves to do, is literally, be loved. He is a ball of energy so his name fits him well!

All the rescue dogs featured have been given a second chance at life. With more & more dogs being euthanised for simply not being wanted internationally we plea that you #adoptdontshop.

Below you can find a full list of the shelters where some of our Rescue Dogs Of Instagram were adopted.

rescue dogs of Instagram