From high kicks to kickstarters: two actors changing the planet.


HEALTH&BEAUTY | by Louise Gookey

From High Kicks to Kickstarter: Two West End actors are revolutionising deodorant for performers.

All of this while striving to improve personal hygiene and care for the planet.


West End performers Ed Currie and Andy Coxon are launching a deodorant brand, Pitt London, on Kickstarter. With the whole of the West End already using their product, the theatrical duo are determined to change everyones habits for better health and a better environment.

It was a career in the West End that inspired actors Ed Currie and Andy Coxon to take the peculiar leap from performing to making deodorant. They met dueting in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical at the Aldwych in 2015 singing “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling” together. A “showmance” quickly ensued.



We endeavour to make the best possible natural skincare that is just that… caring! For ourselves & our planet.

This means carefully selecting the best quality ingredients to deliver exceptional results (with a little indulgence); all the while keeping our packaging 100% plastic free.

Ed said: “I’ve always been a heavy sweater,

“It was performing in the same costume night after night under hot lights that was the final straw, I stank! I had embarrassing sweat patches on stage, so I decided to do something about it.”

After some initial experimenting, it was a chance meeting with Caroline Quentin that set them on their path. She introduced them to her husband, Sam Farmer, who is a cosmetic scientist!

“Sam was really great in giving us advice and setting us on the right path. We owe a lot to him”.


For three years, the duo researched, refined and formulated in their Camden kitchen, using their fellow West End performers as test subjects. They decided early on to only use clean, natural ingredients to create their aluminium free alternative to antiperspirant for all genders. This deodorant not only prevents body odour but acts like a moisturiser to nourish skin. It absorbs natural perspiration to keep you feeling dry (rather than blocking sweat glands, which is what usual deodorants do).

“We hadn't quite fathomed the extent of damage to the environment that aerosols and rolls-ons have.” says Andy.

Over 600 million aerosols are used in the UK every year. That’s approximately 10 per person. Both aerosols and roll-ons are difficult to recycle with most ending up in landfill.

Aerosols have an added detrimental effect to the environment with the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere. A recent study showed that if only 1 million people changed to a non-aerosol we could save well over 692 tonnes of CO2 from entering our atmosphere every year.

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In the wake of documentaries like Blue Planet and Drowning in Plastic from the BBC, the social push to decrease our plastic usage and recycle more is on the rise. Pitt’s two entrepreneurs decided to avoid plastic all-together, which has proved a difficult journey.

They eventually settled on using a plastic-free sliding lid tin and a biodegradable label. Their unique applicator is made from 100% pure brass plated copper and has its own health benefits to relieve tension and increase blood supply to the skin.

Pitt London’s The Deodorant Balm and The Applicator are available now on the crowdfunding platform, Early Birds receive 40% off.