Meet the people who fell in love with objects.


QUIRKY | By Sarah Stevenson

Meet the people who have fallen in love with inanimate objects.

From courting a roller coaster to marrying a fictional Nintendo character, we have compiled a list of the people who have married, and, fallen in love with objects.

Objectum sexuality, or, “Objectophilia” refers to people who have a strong desire towards inanimate objects. This desire is usually sexual.

amy wolfe

Amy Wolfe

Amy fell in love with the 80ft ‘Magic Carpet” themed ride in Knoebels Amusement Park. She began a romance with the ride and ultimately rode it 3,000 times over the course of 10 years. She first fell in love with the ride when she was just 13 years-old. When asked if she gets jealous when others ride her partner, she claims no - “[we] have a deep and spiritual connection”.

Davecat loves dolls


Davecat (a nickname he prefers to referred to as) lives with his wife and two mistresses, the former are, however, both dolls. Davcat sees the dolls as not just sexual devices but also as life partners. They have been manufactured purely for sexual purposes but Davecat explains how he has a deeper connection with the dolls.

lee jin-gyu

Lee Jin-Qyu

Lee Jin-Que married his pillow which features a female character from the Anime series “Magical Girl”. The pillows name is Fate Testaross. Lee Jin-Qyu purchased his pillow in Japan and ultimately married it in Japan too with a priest present. He tends to take his pillow everywhere with him, even bringing it with him to restaurants and ordering

erika eiffel

Erika Eiffel

As the name suggests Erika Eiffel is married to the Paris monument, The Eiffel Tower. However, this is not her first romance with an object. When she was younger she fell in love with a bow named Lance. This bow helped her become a world-class archer. Erika is very open about her sexual orientation and founded OS Internationale, a closed group for those who also experience Objectum Sexuality.

nathaniel loves his car


Nathaniel was the star of TLC’s “My Strange Addiction”. Nathaniel admitted to having a sexual and romantic relationship with his car. On the TLC show he opened up to his father about his relationship with his car, who is named Chase.

sal 900 married to objects

Sal 900

A man who goes by the name ‘Sal 900’ in Tokyo Japan has fallen in love with a female character inside his video game. Sal 900 married his avatar character in front of a live audience.

in love with the statue of liberty

Amanda Whittaker

Amanda is in a long-distance relationship with the American monument, The Statue Of Liberty. She regularly visits the monument and recalls when she first saw a photograph of the statue online she became infatuated with it. She keeps a 6ft tall replica of the statue in her bedroom in the UK to remind herself of it.