Festive ‘walkies’ in Hyde Park!


ANIMALS | By Louise Gookey

Join hundreds of Sausage Dogs for festive ‘Walkies’!

Christmas came earlier for dog lovers on Sunday as 500 Dachshunds arrived at Hyde Park dressed in their finest Christmas outfits!

From Father Christmas to Christmas Trees, Elves and Tinsel, the sausage dogs were quite a sight to see as the took over on one of Londons most popular park.

But it was not just the dogs having a good time, many of their owners joined in the fun with their own festive wear including jumpers with the slogan ‘Dachshund through the snow’.

Everyone seemed to get along, pets and owners alike and if that wasn’t cute enough there were even prizes given out for the best dresses pooch!

Ana Rodriguez, who put on this fluffy event said: “ They love to play with their own breed and I think it is really good for them!”

The event was so popular that details had to be pulled from the internet because the event very quickly reached full capacity.

But do not fear there are more coming up to 2019, so keep an eye out for all things Dachshund and future events @winstonminidachshund.

The next one will be on January 27th at 11am - you can book your spot here.