The Washhouse | Manchester

FOOD & DRINK | By Emma Becque


The Washhouse in Manchester city is like no other bar you have been to before. Read more to find out why.

It’s not every day you ring up a bar to book a table in a laundrette. The Washhouse in Manchester is taking secrecy to a whole new level.

Your first step is to call the bar ahead and    book a table online.

Your first step is to call the bar ahead and book a table online.

Once your booking is complete you are then instructed to use the phone in the laundrette to request entry into the secret bar.

It is as though you are stepping through the washing machine door into Narnia to enter into a fantasy land of exquisite cocktails. Once the washing machine door is opened the secret swanky hideaway is your playground to enjoy.

The Washhouse is not only unique because of it’s top secret status and alternate location but also because of the extraordinary cocktails on offer.

Once greeted and seated you can expect to find an extensive cocktail list, all of which have an immersive twist.

If your’e feeling in a particularly fun mood - The Washhouse is the perfect place to grab an Instagram snap so you can spill the beans and tell all of your friends!

It is the perfect place for parties, New Years Eve, or some festive Christmas drinks.

Book online now before all the reservations run out!

The Washhouse is a top secret and if your lucky enough to stumble across this bar, you will be pleasantly surprised by what’s in store.

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