Happy 10th Anniversary ‘No Trousers Tube Ride’


WTF | By Virjinia Vassileva

Tired of having the same old daily routine?

Then come to London and prepare to be left speechless… or shall I say, trouserless…

Originally started as a “prank collective” in New York City in 2002, Improv Everywhere’s event “No Pants Subway” had only 7 participants. Since then it has grown to an occasion that gathers more than 2 000 people worldwide! And would we be proud to call ourselves “Londoners” if we did not participate in such a “celebration of silliness”, as Improv Everywhere’s founder Charlie Todd calls it?

On Sunday, January 13th, hundreds of Londoners and curious tourists gathered at Trafalgar Square in order to honour the 10th anniversary of the London’s interpretation of the event. Following the organisers’ instructions, people split into a couple of groups, so they could cover more tube lines. At first things seemed normal: they were just another group of people rushing to get on the busy tube. However, the real party was just about to begin!

The moment the doors closed participants quickly removed their trousers and continued behaving normally. Other passengers however, could not retain their calmness! Smartphones and cameras were immediately pointed towards the trouserless crowd. People started whispering, laughing, shamelessly pointing. A few people were not so impressed and others were frustrated they had to get off the tube on the next station, but most of the ‘audience’ seemed quite entertained! Faces of joy, surprise and cheerful comments filled the carriage. And while some people blushed and turned around, others seemed extremely happy with the beautiful views they witnessed. Meanwhile, not bothered by anyone, participants kept changing tubes and helping hundreds of people enjoy their Sunday a little more.

The event was open to everyone as a way to entertain and evoke joy. No restrictions have ever been put in place, so if you are 3-months old (one the youngest participants recorded), or a bit more experienced at 84-year old (oldest participant recorded), feel free to get involved! As organiser Pete Goldstein said: “It's far too much fun to miss out on,” so we encourage you to join next time!

To keep yourself updated, you can check out Improv Everywhere’s webpage.

More information on London’s event can be found on the Event’s Facebook Page: