Get A Drip!


Pop Ups | by Louise Gookey

Never suffer from a hangover or sickness again, book yourself better with ‘Get A Drip’.

Get a grip was the brain child of Richard Chambers. His mission - to make IV Drip Hydration therapy affordable to everyone.

As a type 1 diabetic Richard was admitted to intensive care after suffering from Ketoacidosis. During the recovery process he was given a re-hydration IV Vitamin Drip… the rest is history!

Get A Drip aim is to improve your overall health and wellness quickly.

So never again will you waste a day suffering from a hangover, recovering from a cold or even being in pain after an intense work out. Get A Drip will get you back on track with their affordable IV Drips and Booster Shots - all in a matter of moments.

See their menu below and decide exactly how to hydrate and rehabilitate.


If you are feeling jet lagged, run down, recovering from exercise, illness or a big night out ‘Get a Drip’ can help get you back on your feet by restoring your bodies natural balance using just an IV Vitamin Drip or Booster Shot.

The process is simple and easy. Just book and appointment and after a quick assessment the healthcare professionals will help select the drip or shot that is perfect for you.

The effects can be instant so you will be back to your best before you know it.

Book yourself better here!