Coppa Club Restaurant


FOOD&DRINK | by Virjinia Vassileva

Fancy an evening eating underneath the sky?

What better way to start off your day than a cup of mild coffee and some avocado tapas and delicious pancakes? At Coppa Club Restaurant you receive a bonus: enjoying your meal while sitting in a warm and cozy glass igloo on the shores of river Thames.

Situated in the shadows of Tower Bridge, this place replaces all the coldness of the former ‘castle of tortures’ with lovely views, comfortable and cushy igloos, relaxing atmosphere, and delicious food.

Whether you want to have breakfast or seek romantic dinner, this is the perfect place for you! Grand portions of tasty tapas and large, yet light meals are awaiting you, accompanied by fresh drinks to your preferences and the smiles of the friendly staff members.

Getting bored while waiting to be served? Not this time! Just look above you and you will find yourself enjoying the beautiful sunshine or the infinite starry sky. And if you don’t want to sit around, then be my guest because Coppa Club is the perfect place for that new Instagram photo you’ve been wanting to upload for so long.

Strike a pose! Coppa Club Restaurant awaits you!

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