Characters with unrealistic pads.


QURIKY | by Louise Gookey

TV CHARACTERS with unrealistic apartments.

Remember dreaming of your perfect home and then realising how hard it was to achieve in reality? Spacious, stylish and close to work… these TV shows did not help us with our unrealistic goals.


Rachel and Monica,


Growing up, Friends led us to believe we could live next door to our best friends, sit in coffee shops all day with no urgency to get to work and have the most incredible places to live. Then reality hits and we realise Monica's apartment in central Manhattan is merely a pipe dream. The New York Times suggests a 2 bedroom open plan flat would have cost around $4500 per month. Yes it was rent controlled but even so….


Carrie Bradshaw,

Sex and the City

Carrie, a writer who with a weekly column, a wardrobe full or designer clothes, a buzzing social life and a dreamy apartment. To good to be true? Probably. Yes, her column was successful and her apartment ‘rent controlled’ but add that to the thousands spent on Manolo Blahniks, Cosmos and lunches every month it almost seems impossible that Carrie could afford to live by herself in such an incredible Upper East Side apartment. Dreams shattered.



Master Of None

Living alone in Lower East Side as a jobbing actor would be a push. He has had a couple of successful jobs which must have paid really well because exposed brick and high end furnishings do not come cheap. Similar apartments come in at around $2700 a month - pretty pricey to cover on your own, especially if you want to be able to afford the basics, like food.


Bridget Jones

When the film was originally released Bridget probably would have just been able to scrape together a deposit for a place above Borough Market worth around £190,000. She has a good job after all. However, if she had tried to do the same in the third film this price would have shot up to around to £650,000 , yep even though it is between two railways. What a great investment Bridget!

William Thacker,

Notting Hill

Yes, the film was released in 1999 which was a time before London house prices rocketed, however, it is hard to believe a independent travel bookshop owner, with no customers (his own admission) could afford to live in such high end area, even if he was renting a room to his infamous room mate Spike. With a rooftop terrace like that, William Thacker must have had some savings!



Big Bang Theory

As a struggling actress and waitress in the the Cheesecake Factory, we are not entirely sure how Penny could afford such a fabulous apartment in California? Her love of wine, clothes and nights out would make this even harder… becoming a pharmaceutical rep and having her husband move in would have helped in the later series.

According to the New York Times it would cost anything between between $1,150 and $1,250, who knows, maybe she gets a lot of tips!?


Max and Caroline,

Two Broke girls

I don’t even know where to begin, the title says it all! Caroline and Max are broke waitresses running a cupcake business. Yes, Caroline sleeps on the sofa but even so for them to be able to afford and apartment with space for a horse to live in the back garden seems pretty far fetched.