A pop-up designed especially for selfies!


POP-UPS | By Emma Becque

ten rooms of selfie bliss are launching in london.

A pop-up is about to launch in SHoreidtch that will turn you into an instagram sensation.

The Selfie Factory

The Selfie Factory

The UK is lucky enough to have access to the immersive Selfie Factory - a pop-up space designed especially for selfie loving addicts (which lets face it, is all of us).

With the overwhelming success in Brighton, The Selfie Factory is about to launch in Shoreditch, London this November.

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If your looking to “up” your Instagram game then The Selfie Factory is the place for you.

Forget getting the perfect lighting, backdrop, or makeup - The Selfie Factory takes away all the hassle and does the work for you.

The pop-up features 10 bespoke camera-ready environments. These unique enviornments include a giant ball pit, a donut wall, a confetti cove and many more exciting rooms.

The Selfie Factory was set up by three Instagram loving friends - being aware that the rainy UK isn’t the best place for a selfie back-drop, they decided to build a pop-up that exceeded every social media lovers expectations.

How does it work?

You are advised to arrive 5/10 minutes before your allocated time slot, with prepped poses and an empty camera roll!

You are given access to each room with friends, of which you can run around in the prepared order, or, take your time exploring which ones you prefer to take the ultimate selfie in!

The entire session lasts 60 minutes - the founders have perfected this time by working out the time it takes your smiles to begin aching. An hour is apparently the perfect selfie session time period!

You are allowed to take any kind of equipment to take your shameless selfies.

If you want to take a change of outfit and make the most of this unique opportunity, then you can purchase an unlimited day ticket - which means you gain unlimited access to the factory within their opening hours.

The Selfie Factory

The Selfie Factory

When does the pop-up launch in London?

From the 9th - 20th November.


133 – 135 Bethnal Green Road
E2 7DG

Nearest tube: Shoreditch High Street

Want to buy a ticket? Click the selfie picture below to purchase your ticket now! Hurry before they all run out.

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