Tonight Josephine, Londons most Instagrammable bar.


FOOD&DRINK | By Emma Becque

Tonight Josephine: a great night out that is perfect for insta.

We visited London's coolest new bar, Tonight Josephine. From pink tinsel walls, to Beyonce, this bar is a dream night out if you love insta!

You can’t fall short on Snapchat or Instagram when visiting this bar, around every corner there is an Instagram worthy snap waiting to be captured.

We were given exclusive access behind the scenes at Tonight Josephine getting step-by-step guides to their bar managers favourite cocktails.

Owned by Adventure Bar Group, Tonight Josephine offers Londoners the chance to chill out, listen to some throwback tunes and sip on some glittery cocktails.

The theme of the retro cocktail bar even flows into the toilets where you can find mugshots of Lindsey Lohan, Justin Bieber and Paris Hilton.

If you don’t get too tipsy you must take an Instagram photo against the neon sign “well behaved women don’t make history”.

Watch our behind the scenes film at Tonight Josephine below.

tonight josephine the vinx
tonight josephine



PARMA VIOLETS, BALANCED, SWEET, SMILEY Bombay Sapphire gin, violet liqueur, fresh lemon juice, sugar, egg white, parma violets

Verdict: A smooth and creamy cocktail with a hint of flowery flavour. This cocktail is delicate and not as sweet as you might think!


tonight josephine the vinx



Glittery lemon-infused Eristoff vodka, orange liqueur, lime cordial, cranberry juice.

Verdict: A light and refreshing cocktail with a fiery twist of orange. This one would be a great cocktail on a chilly Autumn evening. The best aspect of this cocktails is the glitter which makes for the perfect Instagram shot! It is also a great spectacle when being made, check out our video above for more!