#WomenCrush Brit Taylor - TV and celebrity fashion stylist/presenter.


TV and celebrity stylist brit taylor tells us how she is taking over the world.

Britt Taylor, 26, from the Wirral, is a  TV and celebrity fashion stylist, styling shows for BBC, ITV and Channel 4. Working hard to create her own business doing what she loves.

On top of this is also works as a radio presenter; you can hear her show FashionHouse on Transmission Roundhouse every last Friday of the month at 6pm.

How did you get into styling?

Ellie Taylor - Mock the Week

Ellie Taylor - Mock the Week

I just started as a fashion runner in TV, it’s not really a role that exists. At the time I was looking to break into TV this job just came up, I have never seen it before and i’ve never heard anyone be one. I see it as quite special, I feel it was a job meant for me, I was meant to find it and meant to apply.

Did you study styling?

Nope, I didn’t even realise it existed as a job. I went to drama school and trained as an actress and that was just not for me at the time, it’s still not, I just broke into TV/fashion world and from there I met my clients and from there learnt the ropes, is that a phrase? Learnt the ropes?

Rachel Parris - BAFTAs

Rachel Parris - BAFTAs

What advice would you give to any aspiring stylists?

I would say network and contact everyone that you like and want to work with and just be readily available. I think there are two sides of advice - You have people who haven't broken in yet and the people who have. The people who are looking for their break and who realy want to get on the ladder in the area they want to work in, I would say contact everyone you like, most people are looking for an assistant and you can get in their and be their assistant, thats the way to do it. Loads of my friends who are stylists, that’s the way they started. For people who have already broken in , I would say be peoples back bone, try and think one step ahead of the person you are assisting always just be there so when they say i need this doing you can say i’ve done it.

Amber Davis - Cochella

Amber Davis - Cochella

Where is your favourite place to shop?

My office is basically Oxford Circus that basically where I spend all of my working hours and my working days, it is not necessarily my favourite, it does feel like work sometimes. At the minute I am really loving monkey on Carnaby street, that is where I’d go or weekdays on Regent Street.

What makes great style?

I would say feeling hot, looking hot and knowing that it is ok to sexy and clever.