Unbelievable #SmoothieBowl art on Instagram


QUIRKY | By Sarah Stevenson

The Instagrammer’s using superfoods to create art

Forget Latte art it’s now #SmoothieBowl arts turn to take centre stage. We have found some of the worlds most artistic smoothie bowls out there!



Hazel Zakariya is a true artist. Her smoothie bowls are beyond belief. She takes inspiration from fashion, film and florals. Some of her best featured work includes her Audrey Hepburn smoothie bowl and her LaLa Land creation.

You can enquire about Hazel Zakariya’s smoothie art via her instagram, collaborate with her, and, even request custom made smoothie bowls!


Using activated charcoal, and florescent superfoods RawNice has created striking smoothy bowls too good to eat! No wonder RawNice’s tag line states “Add more COLORS to your life with our healthy, vegan superfood powders”. You can shop their powders online!


VegaMelon AKA Lenny is a watermelon enthusiast. Lenny’s Instragram documents her love of healthy food, from colourful pasta, avocado on toast, and, of course, her smoothie bowls!


LittleKaleGirl AKA Dasha has a mesmerising smoothie bowl Instagram account. She truly puts the art into smoothie bowl making. Her colourful designs give her smoothie bowls a tropical edge. Her deigns would be perfect for a valentines smoothie bowl.


Already having been featured on This Morning Australia and The Ellen Degeneres Show, it is no surprise we found the fabulous and talented Laleh Mohmedi who created her playful Instagram account. Laleh also uses other superfoods to create her bespoke art, however, we couldn’t help but feature her most recent Pixar ‘Inside Out’ character ‘Sadness’.


Lets get a man in the mix here. Vegan Luke is smashing Instagram with his swirly smoothie art. He has even created a day of the dead themed smoothie bowl especially for Halloween. If Luke’s swirls catch your fancy then give him a follow for some more delicious superfood art.


If you love pastel pink and superfood goodness then Anita Hovind Ulven Instagram account is the place for you! Her Instagram account really exemplifies why hashtags such as #FoodPorn exist.


Vegan Mona AKA Miss SmoothieBowl has created is a German health guru with a passion for smoothiebowls. Her Instagram account will give your daily feed the pop of colour it needs to brighten up your day.


Swirls of dreams, pops of colour, and, the occasional Oreo crunch describes the wonderful Andrea’s healthy SmoothieBowl Instagram account. Her bowls of goodness include star shapes and a creative assembly making it easy for us to eat healthy!


Chiara is an Italian “Smoothie Queen” creating stunning SmoothieBowls that make you look twice. Chiara incorporates everything and anything healthy and colourful into her SmoothieBowl assembly.


Remember when you would visit a tropical destination such as Thailand and you would get to your hotel room and find beautiful petals and fruit? Well, Ami Shoesmith certainly recreates this ideal through the art of her SmoothieBowl making. Give her a follow if you love your smoothies and have the holiday blues!


N Value Of Life is branded Instagram account following the ethos of nature, nurture and nutrition. Using colourful superfoods they have managed to create intricate art as well as floral ensembles. If you would like to see a variety of SmoothieBowl art, give their Instagram account a follow.