Quirky cakes to feed your appetite.


QUIRKY | By Alice Evans

Want an Instagram worthy cake? check out these incredible designs to inspire you in the kitchen.

From crystal inspired cakes to cakes deigned to look like burgers, we found the quirkiest cakes on Instagram.

With the Bake Off final happening later this month we thought it was high time to share some incredible and some quirky cakes to give you inspiration in the kitchen.

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Whisk & Drizzle was founded by master baker and culinary artist Marianna Vaki. A graduate of the prestigious Cordon Bleu culinary school, Marianna has since emerged as one of London’s leading independent patisserie chef, and if this delicious emerald gem cake is anything to go by then we can understand why!

Don't let your eyes deceive you… these amazingly quirky creations are the work of the incredibly talented Marie-Michele Dion Bouchard of Madame Dibou Les Gateaux in Canada. There are too many to pick just one favourite so here are a few - you will have a mighty surprise if you are expecting those crisps to taste like cheese and onion!

IMG_8786 2.JPG

The pastel colours make them look almost too good to eat… almost.

These are created by Ann & M’s cakes - find them on instagram using the link Ann & M’s Cakes.

Simply stunning.

Photo 13-10-2018, 11 54 06.jpg

Photo 13-10-2018, 09 32 59.jpg

Fancy a coffee? You certainly would be buzzing after eating this. This epic cake is made by Lebanon based Better From Scratch - time to book a holiday I think!

Photo 13-10-2018, 12 53 55.jpg
Photo 13-10-2018, 12 54 06.jpg

Absolutely - do not grow up - instead be inspired by Natalia Sheremetieva and live by her motto ‘Bake the world a better place’. These cakes are a perfect party piece and don’t forget how fab they look on insta!

If you want to learn how to make cakes as quirky and fun as this, you can join the team at Crumb Coat Confections for one of their master classes.

If not head to their insta for more impress cake making… warning it will make you mouth water.

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Talk about variety Jessica Bakes - don’t try and put that lipstick in your purse!

Based in Birmingham Jessica aims to bring you exciting, beautiful, contemporary and delicious cake, to brighten your occasion, whatever it may be. By the looks of things you will not be disappointed.

Photo 13-10-2018, 09 37 00 (1).jpg

This looks like it has come straight out of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory! Great fun from A Sweet Tooth Fairy. Head to her insta to see more weird and wacky designs.

The creator, Serena, is actually a dentist which means it must be ok to eat them right?.


Don’t leave those cupcakes on your windowsill - no matter how lifelike they look!

These beauties are from Brazil based cake maker Maria Bolo Docaria. For these and many more, make sure you check out her website.

The perfect addition to afternoon tea.

Photo 14-10-2018, 16 48 25.jpg


I wonder if these lego pieces would be as painful to stand on?

Bright, fun and innovative, Jasmines Cakes has something unique for every occasion.